Stress Releasing Meditation

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Stress Releasing Meditation

Here is a simple three part stress releasing meditation using the sacred elements of earth and air. You can use this meditation almost anywhere to let go of your stress. This stress releasing meditation uses visualization.

Part one connects with the element of earth. Place your feet on the floor or ground. Feel that you are connected to the Earth. Concentrate on your stress. Use your mind to create a beam of light that moves from the top of your body down into your feet, and into the ground. Use this beam of light to transport stress out of your body. Send your stress to the center of the earth, where it will be transmuted into love.

Part two connects with the element of air. Identify the situations that are contributing to your stress. Use your mind to create colorful helium balloons on strings. Gently insert separate stressors into each balloon. When you have collected a balloon bouquet, let it go, and watch your stress float out of sight.

Part Three returns to earth energy. Imagine yourself on a high mountaintop. In front of you is a pile of large stones. Each of these represents a form of stress in your life. Pick up one stone at a time. Identify which stress it represents. Take one stone at a time to the edge and throw it over. Watch as your stress falls and lands in a puff of dust.

Take a deep breath and feel the freedom of being stress free after completing this stress releasing meditation. Set an intention to move on in freedom.

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