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How To Become Nonjudgmental

To become nonjudgmental takes practice. In the King James Version of The Bible, Matthew 7:1, we are told, “Judge not, that ye be judged.” What is so bad about judging others and being judged? According to Webster’s Dictionary, judgment is to “form an opinion objectively, authoritatively and wisely.” This doesn’t sound bad. The key word is “objectively.” How can you be objective? Every person is different and has different life experiences that helped form their opinions. Is being objective truly possible? Can anyone set aside their personal viewpoints and be totally free and clear of any opinion? If you want to become nonjudgmental, you need to focus on being objective.

Judging others is part of basic human nature. When you become aware that you are judging another person, mentally take a step back. Acknowledge you are being judgmental and are also human, so this is natural. Otherwise, you are judging yourself for being judgmental. It is what you do, or don’t do, with your judgments that matters. Understanding this helps you become more nonjudgmental.

Most of the time, it is best to keep your judgments to yourself. You may not like what another person is doing, but you are not obligated to act on your judgments, unless that person is causing harm to others, in which case you have a moral responsibility to take action. Acting is your choice. The way you think is also a choice. Become a more conscious thinker. You are the creator of your thoughts and are responsible for your actions. When you find yourself judging others, acknowledge your thoughts and let them go. Allow yourself to be human because you are. Humans create judgmental thoughts, so you naturally will pass judgments. Once you realize what you are doing, stop and redirect your thinking. Whatever the persons you are judging are doing, allow those people to be responsible for their choices and actions. Set them free in your mind to learn their lessons, for you are not their judge or teacher, unless you choose to take on that role. Become nonjudgmental and accept the rights of other people to learn and grow in their own ay at their own pace.

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