Release Fear

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Release Fear

Lester Levenson used to say, “Fear and it will appear.” He observed that fear of any type or degree, from extreme chronic anxiety and panic attacks to run-of-the-mill worrying and fretting—even the jitters, is a sticking place in our consciousness. By placing a continual emphasis on avoiding what you fear, you call it to mind over and over again and it becomes a program limiting your happiness and freedom. How do you release fear? Here is a  method to release fear and feel free from the hold it has on you.

Make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly. Bring to mind something which makes you feel afraid or anxious. Start with something small. It may be uncomfortable, but to release fear you must focus on what you’re afraid. Ask yourself what it is you’re afraid will happen. If you’re afraid of heights, for instance, underneath it there might be a fear of falling. If you have a fear of public speaking, underlying the fear could be a fear of making a mistake or of seeming like a fool in front of a roomful of people. Peel away the layers.

Whatever you fear,  to release fear you need to go deeper than the surface fear and connect with the underlying issue. This process will help clear out the hidden recesses of your subconscious mind. You’ll see a tremendous difference in your life in many areas, including how you feel. To release fear, you need to go deeper than the surface and it can be very uncomfortable, but the reward is great. You can release fear through going deeper within. 

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