Why Am I Here?

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Why Am I Here?

Every person on Earth, including you, has probably asked this common question: why am I here? Humans have the ability to contemplate, ponder and question. Rich or poor, we all go through pain, loss and suffering, along with healing, learning and peace. Every living being, who is here on Planet Earth at this time, chose on a soul level to come here to learn and grow. As spiritual beings in human from, we can get distracted by earthly experiences and lose awareness of our spirit.

When you ask yourself; why am I here? Go deeper within and remind yourself you are a spiritual being in human form and chose on a soul level to come to earth in physical form to grow and learn. Living on Planet Earth provides you with opportunities and lessons that can be painful and challenging. You may feel stuck at times. But you are never stuck. You are going through the process of experiencing life on Earth. When you ask; why am I here? Remind yourself that your soul chose to be here for a purpose. You are here to live and learn and fulfill this purpose, through earthly experiences that you chose on a soul level. You are on Earth at this time for a reason.

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