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Create A Better Life

Create a better life for yourself through accepting responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. They belong to you and you created them. This means you can change them. The power to create a better life for yourself starts with self-awareness. Become aware of what you are thinking. If your thoughts are negative, shift your focus to the positive. Set a conscious intention to be loving in all your thoughts. Accept that your thoughts are your creations and you can intentionally create something different. Focusing on your negative thoughts just makes them stronger. Instead, acknowledge them and set an intention to shift the energy from negative to loving in a peaceful way.

The same holds true for your emotions and actions. When you feel an unpleasant emotion, accept it, embrace it with love, and set an intention to shift the energy of that emotion into a more peaceful feeling. When you have acted in a way that doesn’t feel good, accept that you took that action and an unpleasant outcome resulted. Lovingly embrace this action from your past and move forward with the intention to learn your lesson and from this moment on strive to be loving in all your actions. The past ids over. The future for the thoughts, emotions and actions you create is up to you. You are free to create the rest of your life with loving intentions. Create a better life for yourself starting right now.

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