Feeling Sad

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Feeling Sad

Feeling sad is part of human experience.Expressing your sadness can be healthy. Life has ups and downs. Even when all seems hopeless and you just allow yourself to cry, that is a healthy cleansing response. Allowing your sadness to flow releases energy that needs to be let out. Crying may appear to be an instantaneous response, but behind that response is something deeper. It is a healthy release of energy. Stifling your urge to cry can result in future health problems due to all the sadness energy that stays within and has no outlet to be released. If you hold onto your sadness, it stays with your energy and impacts your health. Learning to express your sadness and release the energy in a healthy way improves your life. If you feel like crying, don’t be embarrassed, cry until you run out of tears. And if the crying returns, allow for it.. Embrace your sadness as part of your life experience and know that you will not always feel this way. When the time is right, your sadness will lose the intensity it has in the present moment. Allow yourself to express it in way that it is energetically. Expressing sadness, even though it feels unpleasant, is healthy. Remind yourself that feeling sad is perfectly normal at times. It is part of human experience. Express your sadness by allowing it to be released in a constructive way.

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