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Coping With Fear of Getting Sick

Fear of getting sick is common and widespread right now with the corona virus. The pandemic is guiding our lives. Our way of life as a nation has been impacted. Schools are closed. Restaurants are doing take out only. We are urged to keep a safe distance from other people. Social media and other media sources focus on what is happening. The news is discouraging and emphasizes everything that is going wrong and the future spread of this virus. No wonder people are worried about getting sick and dying.

All the focus is on what’s wrong, and it sows the seeds of fear in our minds. This virus can hit anyone. Our feeling of security has been taken away from us. Our fear of getting sick is being reinforced daily. What can you do to cope with your fear of getting sick? Don’t deny your fear; embrace it as a natural human response. At the same time don’t allow your fear to take control. When your fear takes control; you are giving it power over you. Claim your power over it. Remind yourself that you are not in immediate danger. If and when you are in danger, you will address it. Until then, you need to be clear and calm.

Coping with fear of getting sick takes two things, trust and awareness. Awareness means following the guidelines. Wash your hands. Stay away from crowds. If you’re feeling ill, don’t go out. All this is common sense. Trust is different, more spiritual in nature. Focus on trusting that in the end it will all work out for the greater good. This is a time in history unlike any other and we are being given an opportunity to show our capacity for love. Love yourself. Love others. Love the world. Love is contagious and stronger than any illness. Remember you are a spiritual being in human form. Your purpose here on earth at this time is to grow and learn in a loving way. Through presenting humanity with extreme challenges, this pandemic can bring forth our ability to love. Trust that from a spiritual perspective there is a reason for all that happens. Humans are going through an opportunity for intense spiritual awakening through experiencing this pandemic. Release your fear of getting sick and replace it with trust in the process of life and awareness of the spiritual awakening humanity is experiencing.

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