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Spiritual Guidance About Corona Virus 

I asked The Loving Universe for corona virus spiritual guidance and here is what I received. People are living in fear and fear opens the door wider and wider for that very thing that is the object of fear. Fear only creates more fear. Instead, be aware of the potentials, but do not embrace them as the only truth and only possibility. There are many possible outcomes. Focus instead on raising your energetic vibrational level. You are living in this third dimensional world, but be in it, not of it. Infection is entirely of the third dimension. So are viruses.

To raise your energetic vibrational level, follow this corona virus spiritual guidance. Remember you are a spiritual being in human form. Take care of your human form because it is in the third dimensional world. Treat it with love. It has potential to become ill when functioning at lower vibrational levels, but it is meant to be healthy and to grow and learn. Remind yourself you are higher vibration. You are one with all creation and you are love. All your biological systems, your cells, molecules, atoms, particles and empty spaces are in perfect balance and harmony.

Viruses are a way of reminding humans of their place in the interconnection of all life. Something so small can cause illness to the beings who consider themselves exclusively at the top. Humans consider their species the highest evolved organism because they can think rationally and solve problems. Many humans feel they have power over all life because of their superiority. Yet a microscopic life form has the potential to stop all humans in their tracks. A pandemic serves as a humbling reminder of the place humans share with all life. Corona virus spiritual guidance directs you to be at peace in the moment. Be aware of what is going on around you, but don’t buy into the fears of others. Intentionally move into a space of love. Trust that the present corona virus crisis will be resolved. There is a lesson to be learned. May it be learned in a loving way for everyone.

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