Coping With Anxiety Attacks

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Coping With Anxiety Attacks

Coping with anxiety attacks is challenging. Each person is unique, so an approach to alleviate anxiety that works for one person may not be the right choice for another. When a person contacts me for help, I spend time discussing their history, including what they have tried before. My approach is energetic in nature, combined with practical techniques. I recommend starting with a  Reiki treatment to help identify and release energetic blockages. A Reiki treatment involves energetic balancing. Energetic balancing brings mind, body and spirit into balance. I have the client lie on the healing table and work with their energy.
Energetically focused individualized treatment helps in coping with anxiety attacks. Most people will improve after one session and achieve noticeable results after three sessions. There are no guarantees since each person heals at their own rate. Healing is a process, although there can be instantaneous results. 

I also suggest accepting anxiety attacks when they happen and not struggling with the emotion. Even though it may feel very unpleasant in the moment; the attack will go away. You may feel like you’re going to die and the attack is lasting for an eternity, but it will pass. Being in fear of anxiety feeds the experience and creates struggle. Accepting what is happening and allowing it to pass, defuses it. This takes practice and patience. Fear is a very powerful emotion, but it can be tamed by accepting it, acknowledging it and diffusing it. There is hope for coping with anxiety attacks and eventually eliminating their power.

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