Choose Love Not Fear

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Choose Love Not Fear

Choose love not fear. There are only two basic human emotions, fear or love. All human emotions are related to either one or the other. Fear based emotions are; worry, frustration, guilt, and anger, just to name a few. Joy, happiness, satisfaction and peace are  emotions based on love.
Fear dominates in our culture. Our ancestors were constantly on alert for dangers in their environment. Survival was their focus. Finding food and shelter were the main priorities. During most of human history, the stresses of living in fear were created by environmental circumstances.
Modern life is different. You can choose love not fear. It just takes awareness and practice. Become aware that your body reacts to stresses. It does not make the distinction between a life threatening situation and one that just makes you feel stressed. The chemical reaction that occurs is the same. Your adrenal gland secretes the same hormones whether you are in danger or just feeling very upset.
Your mind knows the difference between a real threat and an emotional response. Become more aware of your emotional responses and react to them in a loving way. When your feel stressed, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re okay. Let your body know you feel uncomfortable, but you are safe. Move into a loving space mentally and emotionally with your fear. Choose love not fear.

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