The Spiritual Way to Move Through Grief

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The Spiritual Way to Move Through Grief

Move through grief in your own way at your own pace. Grief is personal. There is no time limit to grief. It is a process with a beginning, but has no predictable end. Grief is a natural part of life. Each of us grieves in our own way.

How do you move through grief? The first step in the process to move through grief is to accept it as part of life. Grief is an expression of a sense of deep loss. Move through grief honoring your loss. From a third dimensional perspective, you have lost the physical presence of a loved one. From a spiritual perspective, there is no loss, only a shift in energy from physical to spiritual. Love never dies. Love is eternal. The body, and the personality associated with it, ceases to exist in the physical world. Your loved ones who have died continue on in spirit.

You are a spiritual being in physical for, so as a human, you experience grief. To move through grief, allow time for the process. Let your emotions come forth. Allow yourself to cry. Tears are the body’s way of releasing emotion and cleansing. Cherish the memories that bring you joy and when memories that aren’t joyous surface, bring your self into the present moment into a loving space. The past is over. You can’t change it. Any issues from the past are not important now. Honor your connection to the loved one who has died.

The spiritual way to move through grief is to approach the process with love. Allow yourself to grieve in whatever way it comes to you. Your spirit will guide you once you let go of any preset notions you have about death and grieving. Create your own personal spiritually focused grieving process. Sing, dance, cry, write, meditate, and remember; do whatever flows through your spirit to express and move through grief.

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