Awaken Your Intuitive Wisdom

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Spiritual Guidance posted by Sedona Healer and Sedona Reiki Master Teacher, Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart in Sedona Arizona

Awaken Your Intuitive Wisdom

To awaken your intuitive wisdom you need to move from intellectual beliefs into deeper connection with The Loving Universe. Expand your perception of the divine and discover a new way of looking at God. I purposely use “The Loving Universe” instead of God because the word God has been interpreted in multiple ways by humans in religions and belief systems. Examine and release your old way of thinking about God. Create a new more expansive connection with The Loving Universe. This is your true nature.

Recreate your perception of God as an expansive loving energy that is everywhere in everything, across all time, all dimensions and all experiences. Connecting to this universal creative energy awakens your intuitive wisdom. Let go of your beliefs in separation of yourself from creation energy. Embrace your connection to everything. Seek the wisdom that is your spiritual core. Your true nature is divine and loving. You are part of all that is, all that has been, and all that will be.

Your ideas about The Loving Universe were formed from what you’ve read, learned, observed and experienced in this lifetime. To awaken your intuitive wisdom means accepting your true divine nature. Refocus on the sacred. Connect with your own inner truth that guides you. Awaken your spiritual energy and grow beyond limiting boundaries. See the divine presence in all of your life. The Loving Universe is beyond definition. It is universal and you are part of it. Your intuitive wisdom is part of you.

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Cynthia Tierra – Sedona Healer and Sedona Reiki Master Teacher, works with the whole person to eliminate pain, illness, and stress by identifying and releasing the underlying causes. She offers spiritual healing and intuitive reading.

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