Your Soul Mate

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Your Soul Mate

Many people talk about attracting their soul mate. Most of them are seeking to find one person to share their life and love them forever. This perspective is limiting spiritually. A soul mate can be a spouse or partner. That person can also be someone who connects to you in some long lasting, yet not lifelong way. Romance has nothing to do with your soul mate. Romance is not a requirement.

A soul mate attracts you on a soul level. Somehow on a soul level you recognize each other because you have shared multiple lifetimes together in many different forms and roles. Not all of these lifetimes were romantic. And not all the connections ended happily. Yet there were lessons on a soul level to be learned. The person you love on the deepest level may bring you the most painful lessons. This happens because you are eternally drawn together as individual souls to help each other learn and grow.

Do some introspection and identify who impacted you the most, even if you suffered emotionally from your intimacy with them. Your ex-lover, ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-whatever, may be your soul mate. This is definitely not a romantic notion. It is based on two souls in human form, connecting over and over, to teach each other about the true nature of love and to grow spiritually. Ask yourself despite the pain of this experience, what you learned from the relationship.  Time and distance will bring clarity to you. If after many years, you still feel negative emotions, that person probably was not your soul mate, or you both still have lessons to learn. It may take more lifetimes to be resolved.

If you are ready to resolve things this time around, focus on meeting that person on a soul level, soul to soul. Close your eyes and take deep soothing breaths. Remember and bring back the love between you. Thank them for the lessons they brought you, and for the spiritual growth you have experienced as a result of your many connections over numerous lifetimes. Allow yourself to love them soul to soul once more. You may never connect in person again, but you will from this moment forward love them purely and truly, soul to soul. Be grateful to your soul mate and remember that person with unconditional love. You are free to be soul mates without the need to reconnect physically ever again.

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