Age With Ease

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Age With Ease

How can you age with ease? In our society youthfulness is honored; aging is not. The emphasis is on looking youthful as long as possible. Yet most of us desire to age with ease. The human body is not made to last forever. It can last a long time though. Some people live to be 100. Others don’t stay that long. None of us knows precisely when we will die. All we know is death is inevitable. Some of us just live longer than others.

To age with ease is desirable for us all. The aging process is not in our control. Choosing to age with ease is. Your body will age no matter what you do to try and slow the process. To age with ease requires being at peace with your life and all that has happened and will happen. Accept that all that has happened is over. Some of it was enjoyable. Some of it was not. But all your experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, have brought you to where you are now. Be at peace in the present moment. The past is over. The future is ahead. All you can be certain of is this very moment in your existence.

Focus on the love in your life. Do what you like to do. Every day in every way, you are still learning. Rather than looking to the future or the past. Be at peace in the present. This is how you age with ease. 

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