How to Overcome Pain

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Overcome Pain

When you are wondering how to overcome pain, take a deep breath. Pain comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, mental, psychological or spiritual. To overcome your pain, it doesn’t matter what form it takes. What matters is how you react. Every pain is different. Your pain is unique to you, no matter what form it has taken for you.

To overcome pain, it is important to accept the presence of your pain and rather than struggle with it, which gives power to your pain, surrender to it. If it isn’t going away at the moment, allow it to be. Surrendering to your pain is very uncomfortable. In surrendering you are accepting and allowing the pain. Remind yourself that this pain may feel bad, but it is not permanent. It only feels that way in the moment and this moment will pass.

Pain is your greatest teacher. It teaches you to let go and be in that moment. As time passes almost all pain, no matter what form it takes, shifts. The power of the pain decreases over time. Your lesson in the moment is to surrender and not to struggle. To overcome pain it is important to accept it as part of your human experience. Life can be full of painful experiences. These experiences are almost always temporary. Rather than trying to shift the pain, accept it in the moment and move with it as best you can.

There is an underlying reason for all pain in your life. When you are in pain, it is not the right time to try and figure out the cause and fix it. To overcome pain is a process. Instead of struggling, accept the pain and embrace it as your present circumstance that will shift when the time is right. Relax as best you can and wait. At a time when you feel ready, ask yourself: what was, or is, the purpose of this pain? What am I to learn from it? You can overcome your pain.

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