What is a Sedona Vortex?

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What is a Sedona Vortex?

Ask professional guides that take visitors to a Sedona vortex, what it is and you will get many different answers. Jeep tour drivers have their perspective. Spiritual practitioners and teachers have their approach. You may hear about up flow and down flow and combination of flows, or geomagnetic points. There are books about this subject, from a scientific perspective to a spiritual perspective. The internet is loaded with Sedona vortex information. There are areas that have been identified as a Sedona vortex.  These are Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Chapel of The Holy Cross, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Canyon.

So what is a Sedona vortex? As a professional tour guide my definition is: it is an area of strong natural energy with an inseparable spiritual energy. A person can connect to something far greater than their own self at a Sedona vortex. Vortexes are about energy and connecting with energy. Energy flows to and through everything. Everything is made of energy. Energy flows through Mother Earth just as blood flows through our veins. This energy is not just in the earth. It is in the air, the water, human emotion, thought, belief and spirituality. All humans are spiritual beings in physical form. All energies are interconnected.

When you go to a Sedona vortex, you can feel this universal connection.  To feel the energy, have no expectations and just allow your experience to come through. At a vortex, it is optimal to find a spot away from other people and distractions. There is not a sign that tells you this is the vortex so stand on this spot. Find the space that calls to you. Trust your experience will be what is right for you. Surrender to the moment and discover what is a Sedona vortex for you.

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