The Meaning of Life

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The Meaning of Life

Humans are the only species that consider the meaning of life. Animals are driven by instinct, not intelligence. Humans exhibit higher order thinking. Our thoughts move beyond focusing on survival, into philosophy, contemplation and problem solving. Throughout human history our species has pondered the meaning of life. At some time in your life, you have probably asked  “What is the meaning of life?” This question is the foundation for religions and philosophies.
And what is the meaning of life from a spiritual perspective? You chose to come into this life experience to learn lessons for your growth. You (and everyone else) have free choice in the third dimension on planet earth. Every day you are presented with choices. Some are very simple, such as what to eat for breakfast or when to go to bed. Yet, these choices are important. You could eat an unbalanced diet of processed foods and it will impact your heath. If you don’t allow enough time for rest at night, your body will get tired and not function well. In addition to routine daily choices, there are choices on a much larger scale. These include where you live, your profession, and your relationships. Life is a series of never ending choices and opportunities. You are here to make choices and learn from your decisions. Ask God/Goddess, Jehovah, The Loving Universe, Great Spirit, One Source of All Creation ( it doesn’t matter what label you use. It’s all the same energy.) for guidance to make decisions that are loving and will help you on your spiritual path. The meaning of life is not complicated. It is simply to be loving in all that you do and to grow spiritually.

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