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Spiritual Choice

Making spiritually centered choices involves focusing on spiritual choice. There are two different methods of making choices from a spiritual perspective, from your inner mind or outer mind. Your outer mind is analytical and makes choices based on fulfilling needs and desires. Your inner mind is the way of spiritual choice, making choices from a space of calmness, peace and love. Consider your intention when you make choices and decisions.

Making a choice may seem simple, but spiritual choice moves beyond your thoughts and desires and into your spiritual connection with all life. Your spirit knows and understands that all choices must be for the greater good of all involved. Spiritual choice reflects a reverence for yourself and all other life. It isn’t just which option you choose; it’s whether or not your spirit is involved in the decision.

To practice spiritual choice, take a deep breath before making a decision. Ask yourself who this choice will benefit. Set an intention to choose what is most beneficial for everyone involved. If your choice seems to only impact you, remind yourself that you are interconnected with all life. An easy choice can reaffirm your core spiritual beliefs and practices. A difficult choice brings spiritual lessons into your life experience. If you are fearful about making a choice, shift from a space of fear into a space of loving your fear as part of yourself. Spiritual choice comes from a space of love.  Set an intention to make choices that represent spiritual choice and reflect love and respect for yourself and others.

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