Peacefully Let Go Of The Past

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Peacefully Let Go of the Past

All of us get stuck in the past at times. The past may be over, but as humans we go over past experiences in our minds, trying to understand what went wrong. An unpleasant experience can create painful memories and reawaken painful emotions. What can you do to let go of the past and move on?

First, you must be willing to let go of the past. Recognize you can’t go back and change things now. What’s done cannot be undone. It’s part of your life experience. Dwelling on what happened will not make what occurred go away. Thinking about it only reinforces it and gives it power over you. Reclaim your power over it.

How do you reclaim power over your thoughts and feelings about the past? To peacefully let go of the past requires self work. From a spiritual perspective, everything happens for a reason. Ask yourself what purpose the event in the past served for you? What did you learn from that experience about yourself and others? What can you do differently now as a result of what happened? How can you change your responses and reactions in a peaceful harmonious way?

Remind yourself that that was then and this is now. You can’t change the past, but you can change your reactions from this point forward. You can change the way you look at your past. Forgive yourself for any harm you caused yourself and others. Set an intention to live in the present moment having learned from your past. Apply what you learned beginning right now.

Take a long, slow, deep breath. Exhale slowly and as you exhale say to yourself, “I peacefully let go of the past. I move into the rest of my life wiser and free from the hold my memories and emotion have on me.” Repeat “I peacefully let go of the past.”

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