Kyanite A Spiritual Gemstone

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Kyanite A Spiritual Gemstone

Kyanite is a very powerful spiritual gemstone. It aligns your chakras and creates balance. When you are feeling out of sorts, this spiritual gemstone will help you regain your focus. It drives away anger, frustration and stress with a calming effect. Use it to enhance your meditation and make your dreams more soothing and understandable. Kyanite also enriches self expression and communication. On the physical level it is reputed to help lower blood pressure, work on the adrenal glands, parathyroid and throat areas. It also is useful for muscular issues anywhere in the body. On the mental level kyanite facilitates logical thinking.

Kyanite is found in granite and is usually blue, although there are rare white, light green and gray versions. You can get tumbled stones, small slabs or wands, or rough stones. This spiritual gemstone is multi purpose and works in many different ways on all layers and levels of your being from your physical body to your spiritual being. Working with kyanite will help heal your life in many different ways.

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