How to Stay Centered

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How to Stay Centered

Remembering how to stay centered and grounded during these times of constant change can be a challenge. We are constantly bombarded from outside sources with negativity. There’s the corona virus, political struggles, racism, bigotry, and many other unpleasant things happening. We hear all about it. The energies of negativity are lower vibration. Raise the energy through concentrating on higher vibration. Love is higher vibration. Being in a space of higher vibration is how to stay centered.

To be in a space of higher vibration doesn’t mean ignoring the negativity in the world. It means shifting into a space of love and raising the energy within you, around you and beyond you. Here is a simple technique to stay centered. Close your eyes and place your hands over your heart chakra. Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly release it. Feel the energy of the Loving Universe peacefully flowing to you through your crown chakra, down through your body and into the earth. Feel the energy flowing from the earth to your crown chakra at the same time. The love is flowing to and through you. Say “I am Love. I am loved.” Set an intention to stay centered and grounded in the higher energy of love.

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