How To Release Stress and Worry

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How To Release Stress and Worry 

To release stress and worry, it is important to understand the spiritual nature of it. What can you do to create the best possible life for yourself? You cannot create a life that is completely stress and worry free because you live on planet earth in the third dimension, where challenges happen. That’s why you came here in the first place, to move through the challenges, learn your lessons and progress on your spiritual path. The key to release stress and worry is never to forget that you are a spiritual being in physical form, not the other way around. Many people focus so much on the experiences and challenges here in the third dimension on planet earth, they begin to forget their true purpose; to live, learn and experience life to the fullest as a spiritual being in a physical body on a physical planet.

Spirit is Divine energy and is not confined to physical experience.  So as a spiritual being, you are Divine energy. A duality exists where you are individual energy and Divine energy, inseparable, interconnected to all other energies, which are also Divine energies. If you think about this, your human mind may be confused. How can you be both individual and interconnected? It’s all Divine energy and Divine energy is in everything, so you are connected energetically to the entire universe!

So, what can you do to create the best possible life for yourself and release your stress and worry? Recognize that all experience is divine, even experiences you don’t like or understand. Much of the energy on planet earth is earthbound. Earthbound energies are those energies that are physical in vibration. These energies are not good or bad. They just are exclusively part of earth experience. This includes problems and challenges that are emotional in nature, such as hatred, jealousy, anger and fear. When you recognize earthbound energies for what they are, you can detach yourself from them. You may live on earth, but as a spiritual being you do not need to attach yourself to earth energies. You have a choice as a spiritual being in physical form. Be in this world, but not of it and come from a space of Divine Love in all you do. This is how you will release your stress and worry.

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