How To Improve Self Esteem

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Improve Self Esteem

To improve self esteem, you need to become more consciously aware of how you talk to yourself. The way you talk to yourself creates your reality. Set an intention to become more aware of what you are saying in your mind. When you find yourself being critical of your actions, or way of being, try and catch it in the moment, and shift the energy. If you’re telling yourself, you can’t do something. Turn it around. Rather than I can’t, make it an I am capable statement. When you’re telling yourself you made a mistake. Turn it into a statement about what you learned. Accentuate the positive in your self talk.

The way you speak to yourself can be negative and self defeating, or positive and encouraging. Self talk is often habitual or learned. When you become aware of the way you speak to yourself, ask yourself if you are being considerate and loving in your thoughts. Would you speak this way to another person? If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, don’t say it to yourself. When you are not being loving to yourself in your inner dialogue, consciously shift the way you are thinking. Your life will show positive results and you will improve self esteem.

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