Create Peace During Trying Times.

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How To Create Peace During Trying Times

To create peace during times of turmoil can be challenging and overwhelming. There are interconnected layers to creating peace. The first layer is your life. The next layer is for other people. You can create peace on a global level. All these levels interconnect on a spiritual level. Once you connect with spiritual peace, you have started the process to create peace in a more expansive way.

How does creating peace in your life impact peace on earth? The answer is based on expansive energy, like dropping a pebble in the water and watching the ripples expand increasingly outward. Similar energy expands and attracts itself to similar energy. Peace creates and supports more peace. Spiritual peace is the natural way of being for all people. Thoughts, beliefs and everyday life can get in the way of creating universal peace.

To create peace, move beyond your thoughts, beliefs and life in the physical world. Set a simple intention to create peace. Close your eyes, place your hands over your heart chakra, and take a deep breath. Quietly say “I desire to create peace in my life, the lives of others and the world.” Ask to connect with the peace deep within, the peace of spirit. This is your natural way of being. Feel it. Expand this energy from yourself outwards beyond your being to your friends and neighbors. Extend it out to your town, your country, the world, into space, to other dimensions. You are part of something far greater than yourself, universal peace. You can create peace through connecting with your natural inner spiritual peace and expanding the energy outwards.  

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