How To Be Conflict Free

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How To Be Conflict Free

For most of us, being free from conflict is a challenge. When potential conflict arises, our minds tend to wander, focusing our emotions on the past. This is the nature of the human brain because memories trigger emotion. Some memories bring back harmonious happy emotions. Some remind us of unpleasant experiences. These emotional triggers are not in the conscious mind. Many are instantaneous reactions. Someone says or does something and our programmed reactions of a lifetime surface, without any conscious thought. The response can be anger or fear, brought forth by something that is happening now, but deeply connected to something that started long ago.

Responses that come from fear or anger often open up undesired reactions from other people and lead to conflict. One programmed reaction feeds into another. In order to make life more peaceful and calm, it is necessary to be aware of your programmed reactions and accept responsibility for them. This is created through conscious intention and awareness. Set an intention to be more aware of your reactive tendencies and understand that these may be triggered in the present, but originated in the past and became a pattern. This reactive pattern can be changed.

To change your reactive patterns, remind yourself that they began sometime in your past. It doesn’t even matter when they started, because whatever started them is long over. When a circumstance or person triggers a response in you, take a deep breath, and wait before saying or doing anything. Remind yourself to be in the present moment and choose to change your pattern now. Be in the present moment free from the patterns of your past.  You can be conflict free.

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