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Create A Better World

Just like in the 1960s a spiritual shifts are taking place in society and is gaining momentum to create a better world. Around every 50 years big shifts happen, both spiritually and politically. First comes unrest and political and social divisiveness, followed by big societal changes. There was a time when women and minorities were not allowed to vote or serve in political office, when there was legal segregation, when the earth and wild creatures (and even humans) were treated as disposable. Across history, there also were many instances of genocide. These times may not be entirely over, but the way a majority of people look at life has shifted and is still shifting. Our species is evolving and is moving to create a better world.

In the 1960s people took to the streets to create change. There were peaceful demonstrations and also riots and destruction. The time is coming again for societal change and most people recognize that we, collectively and individually, play a part to create a better world.

From a spiritual perspective, there is no right or wrong change, only change itself. Here in the third dimension humans have free choice, so we have a role in what happens in our world. We evolve spiritually by shifting our focus from consumerism, commercialism and egoism, individuality and power, to a focus on spiritual universalism. This spiritual shift requires recognizing the interconnection of all life, not just human life. We are one with all creation and can each in our own way contribute to create a better world.

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