The Spiritual Energy of Rocks

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The Spiritual Energy of Rocks

Ever since my childhood, I have connected with the spiritual energy of rocks. Wherever I went, I collected rocks. My philosophy on connecting with the spiritual energy of rocks is based on the individuality of these wondrous creations. Just as each person is unique, each rock is unique. All rocks vibrate with earth energy and some vibrate on a cosmic level. Rocks serve a basic purpose or function. Some carry messages. Some have healing properties distinct to specific human experiences, such as emotions or illnesses. Treat every rock respectfully and lovingly. They are precious creations of The Loving Universe.

To determine the nature of a rock, either hold it in your hands, or run your hands over it, to feel the vibration and open up to the messages. The vibration can be subtle or strong. Each rock has a place and a purpose. Rocks call to people. I suggest when you choose a rock, to make the connection, listen with your heart.

Rocks are companions and serve a purpose in your life. If you are attracted to one particular stone, you are connecting with the spiritual energy of that rock and it is probably meant to be with you. Close your eyes and hold the earth energy of any rock that calls to you next to your heart. Ask if it is meant to go with you. Some rocks belong where they are. Others are gifts to you from The Loving Universe. If it is a gift, offer something in exchange. I find most of my rocks while I am hiking. I carry seeds to throw for the birds, or pieces of apple to feed an animal. If you do not have food, water a plant. If you are somewhere isolated from other people, offer spit, or urine, or some of your hair (which animals can use in their nests.) Your intention is what matters more than your actual offering. An exchange of energy has occurred. You have connected with the spiritual energy of rocks.

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