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Spiritual Opportunity From The Pandemic

Going through a pandemic has brought the people of planet earth a spiritual opportunity for growth. This spiritual opportunity let s us know the time has come for each of us to finish our old business, physical and spiritual, and move forward. Accept the higher good and spiritual guidance that provides you with protection and inspiration from The Loving Universe. Open up to live the life you truly desire.  This time of shifting energies has brought spiritual opportunity for all of us to connect with our dreams by going within.

Look into your heart and ask yourself what your dreams are. Move away from your mental programming and trust your intuition, your inner spiritual guidance. You were taught in this physical world to question your choices and your worth. Leave that doubt behind as part of your experience as a spiritual being in physical form. A time of shifting brought on by the virus, ushered in a time of spiritual opportunity. Set an intention to live based on your true spiritual nature and set yourself free from the constraints of earthly beliefs and the prevailing practices in this third dimension. Accept the spiritual opportunity the pandemic has ushered in and shift the energies in your life. Become who you truly are as you experience life as a spiritual being in physical form. Embrace the spiritual opportunity and live the life of your dreams, a life that you and The Loving Universe create.

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