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Improve CommunicationWith Your Loved Ones and Associates

February 5, 2019

Sometimes we don’t listen to our own spiritual guidance, that inner voice that tells us something in a conversation is not feeling right. Have you ever been talking to someone about an important issue and felt like you were not being heard? The person you were talking to may have heard what you were saying, but wasn’t focused. We all do it. We hear what is being said, but are we really listening?

Become an empathetic listener. We are all capable of listening, but what is the difference between empathetic listening and just plain hearing? Hearing is sound entering your ears. Listening is making a choice to concentrate on what you are hearing in an empathetic way without taking it on. When someone important in your life is talking to you, listen. Stop what you are doing and look right at the person. Whoever is speaking wants to be acknowledged, not ignored. The problem solver in you naturally comes out when someone is speaking about a personal conflict or concern. You want to help. Remind yourself your job is not to solve other people’s problems. Your responsibility when others speak with you is to listen to what you hear and provide a safe space for personal expression. Accept the speaker and what is being said without expressing judgment. Whatever you are thinking, keep it to yourself. Try not to offer advice. Instead, reflect back to the person what has been said with responses like, “That must have been hard for you.” Or “What are you considering doing about it?” Empower other people through encouraging their personal processes. Practicing reflective response and empathetic listening will improve your relationships and personal communication skills by releasing you from the burden of problem solving and freeing others to feel safe to express themselves without being judged or offered advice.

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