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How To Manifest What Your Heart Desires

You want something to happen in your life, but figuring out how to manifest what you want can be challenging. First you need to recognize that you are the co-creator of what happens in your life, including creating what you want. The Loving Universe supports you in creating what you want, need and desire. Go into your heart and ask yourself what you truly want. Material possessions will come into your life, but you probably on a deeper level want something less tangible, like perfect health, or a loving relationship.

To manifest what you want, visualize it as being yours now. This does not mean it will be yours immediately, but you have brought the energy forward through your visualization. Feeling what it is like to have what you desire draws that energy to you. Understand that what you desire will come to you at the right time, under the right circumstances. Trust that it will happen, and then let it go, to allow it to materialize.

I wanted to see a whale on the ocean and took a whale watching cruise three times, over three years, before I encountered one.  After creating the energy and bringing it forth, the most important next step is to trust and allow. Once you learn how to manifest, what you want, need, and desire, comes to you with ease through trusting in and co-creating with The Loving Universe.

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