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Give Thanks

November is the month when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. Is this holiday really about time to give thanks for your blessings?  This holiday associated with a story about Pilgrims and Indians being at peace and sharing a meal together. I was taught the story in school many years ago. My children learned it and my grandchildren are learning the same story. Everything was peaceful and harmonious. It was a time to give thanks.

The truth is when the Pilgrims arrived; tribal groups in the area were recovering from a small pox outbreak. brought to the area by Europeans. This outbreak killed many tribal members. Did the locals give thanks for surviving the suffering and loss they experienced? When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, local tribal groups were at war with each other over limited resources. Food was scarce and tribes were fighting. Surviving members of the local tribe sent their few remaining warriors to forge a mutual defense agreement with the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims had guns for defense and could kill animals with ease. The warriors knew the lay of the land, how to grow corn and how to find deer to eat. Did either group give thanks for the mutual agreement between them?

The traditional Thanksgiving story is a simplified one of peace between native people and settlers from another land. The real story is a more practical, less blissful one of mutual defense and support in order to survive. Would the Pilgrims and Indians have connected if there wasn’t a threat of starvation and annihilation for both groups? Look at what history shows about the treatment of native peoples in America. Did either group give thanks for their connection?

During this season instead of stopping to give thanks over one meal, on one day, focus on the ways you can give thanks each and every day. Say to yourself “I am thankful for…” Fill in the blank, then repeat the process until your heart is full of gratitude. 

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