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Better Communication

Developing better communication with your loved ones, friends and colleagues takes concentrated effort. To create better communication, set an intention to have meaningful interactions with others. If a conversation is not meaningful and is just an exchange of unnecessary words with no purpose or direction, bring it to an end. When you feel defensive or argumentative, take a mental break and identify what triggered your response. The other person is providing you with an opportunity to grow. Rather than verbally responding, go within.

In conversation, try not to assume one person is right and another person is wrong. Better conversation comes from acceptance of and allowing for differences of opinion. We all see the world from our own individual perspective. Be a good listener, rather than a responsive speaker. Hold space for other people to express themselves, even if what they are saying does not feel true for you. At the same time, be clear yourself of your values and personal truths. Better communication comes from knowing and following your truth without imposing it on others, and accepting the right of others to follow their truth. Listen without judgment and respond with acceptance and love for all involved.

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