Universal Spiritual Law

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Universal Spiritual Law

Universal Spiritual Law is law consisting of things or phenomena, the conditions in and which those exist, and the relationships between them. Universal Spiritual Law impacts your life, all life, and everything spiritual in nature. Universal Spiritual Law my seem confusing at first, but once examined, it explains the nature of all all existence.

Spiritual law describes interactions. The word universal means being applicable everywhere. Universal Spiritual Law is any  principle which defines and describes the relationships between things, and applies equally throughout the universe. The Universe consists of  the physical and the nonphysical, so universal spiritual law applies to both.

There are five components of universal spiritual law, perpetual transmutation of energy, cause and effect, vibration, polarity and growth. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is always being transmuted from one form to another. The law of cause and effect says every circumstance that is observed, matches exactly with a cause. According to the law of vibration, everything in the Universe vibrates with a particular frequency. The law of polarity states that everything in the Universe has an opposite counterpart which corresponds to it (like yin and yang or male and female.) Without an opposite, nothing cannot exist. The law of growth addresses everything physical, whatever it is. All physical forms begin with a nucleus, which attracts all things necessary for the formation of the object.

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