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Total Healing is Possible

Total healing means healing every aspect of your life. Healing every aspect of your life is possible when you break it down into layers. Your life has five interconnected layers: the physical, mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Total healing results when you work with these layers.

The physical layer is the most obvious. This layer is anything connected with your body. All physical illness is associated with this layer. The mental layer is all your thoughts, from the analytical to the fleeting. The psychological layer is where thoughts have shifted from ideas into beliefs. For total healing to happen in your life, you need to become aware of your beliefs and how they are impacting your life. The emotional layer of your life is about how you function emotionally. Do you control your emotions? Or do they control you? The spiritual layer is about your human spirit. It is connected to the functioning of your physical body, but is not physical in nature.

For total healing to happen in your life, all layers of your life need to be working in harmony. If one is out of balance, it can impact the others. If on the psychological level, you believe you cannot heal, you will not heal no matter how hard you try. Address your limiting core belief for healing to occur. On the emotional level if you make impulsive decisions, you may regret the outcome. Spiritually, if you are not listening to your intuitive guidance, or taking time to nurture your spirit, you will be out of balance. 

To create total healing for yourself, set an intention to bring all layers of your being into balance and harmony.  Check in with each level.  If any area feels out of balance, identify what is creating the issue. You may get an immediate and obvious answer. You may not. Have patience. Trust that you have set the wheels in motion and the desired outcome is heading your way. Healing is a process.  Support the process and total healing in every aspect of your life occurs at the right time, under the right circumstances.

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