Staying Calm With Spiritual Focus

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Spiritual Guidance posted by Sedona Healer and Sedona Reiki Master Teacher, Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart in Sedona Arizona

Staying Calm With Spiritual Focus

Staying calm with spiritual focus during times of crisis is a challenge. During the Covid -19 crisis all attention seems to be on what is wrong and how frightening it is. The deaths and projected fatalities bring forth fear. In most states residents have been placed on restrictions to stay home. While sitting at home, many people worry about the future. Worry never got anyone to a better spiritual space. The best way to cope is to stay calm with spiritual focus. But how can you stay calm amidst all the fear and worry?

Staying calm requires rising above the fear and worry and becoming spiritually focused. To rise above the fear and worry, take a look around you. You are not in danger right now. Fear and worry are very strong emotions, so put them in their place. Remind yourself there is no immediate reason to be afraid. You are safe. Say, “I am safe. I am calm. All is well in my world.” Repeat this until you feel a shift. Check your breathing. If you are still in fear mode, take a few long, slow, deep breaths. Remind yourself that no matter what is happening in the world right now, you are safe. Staying calm and spiritually focused is your chosen response.

Ask your spirit guides and angels to help you with staying calm. Remind yourself you are a spiritual being in physical form. The present crisis will pass. It is of this physical world. Focus on the spiritual. Raise your vibrational energy through saying “I am higher vibration. I am one with all creation. I am love.” Reconnect with your true nature. Staying calm and spiritually focused will carry you through any crisis of this world.

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