Sedona On A Budget

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Sedona On A Budget

Visiting Sedona on a budget and enjoying the experience is possible. If you’re considering taking a trip to Sedona, but are concerned about the costs, there are ways to save money on lodging, food and activities. 

The most expensive item in Sedona is lodging. Rooms in Sedona do not come cheap. Since you are probably going to be out and about most of the day, your motel room will basically serve as a place to shower, sleep and regroup, so consider staying in the least expensive motel you can find. If you have an R.V. or a tent, camping will save you money. Camping is available in Sedona at campgrounds operated by The National Forest Service. Visit The Red Rock District Ranger Station website for camping information. Another possibility, Rancho Sedona R.V. Park 1-888-641-4261 is privately owned. Lo Lo Mai Springs (928) 634-4700 also offers tent sites, cabins, and r.v. spaces. If you’re willing to set aside a few hours and listen to a timeshare presentation, some timeshare companies offer low cost rooms to potential buyers, or other free promotions. Local companies are: Fairfield Resorts (928) 203-9744, Los Abrigados (928) 204-1520, Sedona Pines (928) 292-6640, and Sunterra (928) 204-9481

Food can also be an expensive item. Again, you can save money if you don’t go gourmet. Sedona has a Subway, Taco Bell, McDonalds (complete with teal arches) and a Burger King. There are two locally owned hot dog places. One even offers veggie dogs. You can also go to the Deli Department at local grocery stores and get sandwiches to go. Have a picnic in the Sedona Community Park or at the ramada on Cultural Park Road. The views from both these picnic areas are spectacular and there is no associated cost. If you’re looking for a cheap snack, buy a beer at The Oak Creek Brewery in West Sedona and fill up on free popcorn and peanuts.

For sight seeing, pick up a FREE map from the official Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center in Uptown Sedona. While you’re there, buy a $5 a day Red Rock Pass that allows you to park in Forest Service parking areas. Some convenience stores, supermarkets and gas stations also sell passes. Do your own tour to the well known vortexes. Most of them are within a reasonable walk from the parking areas. You’ll find popular vortex sites at Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa and Boynton Canyon Vista. If you enjoy hiking, there are over 100 hiking trails around Sedona, and taking a hike is totally FREE, other than needing a Red Rock Pass to park at the trail head. The US Forest Service ranger station on SR 179 when you first enter the area, provides free advice on hiking trails and provides free maps. If you’re not a hiker, take a drive up Oak Creek Canyon and enjoy the views along the way. Even the views from the parking lots at Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock are inspiring.

Even though traveling can be costly, you can save money on a vacation in Sedona. Why miss out on the red rocks and natural beauty? Sedona on a budget is possible. Sedona is unlike any place else on earth. It’s worth the trip, even if your budget is tight.

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