Reprogram Your Brain

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Reprogram Your Brain

Reprogram your brain and your life will improve. Your brain is very good at creating thoughts. Some of these thoughts are pleasant. Some are not. It is the basic nature of the brain to create thought. It is also connects emotions with thought and memory. Memories from your past can invoke emotion, even though the experience is long over. Emotions connected with past experience belong in the past, yet if you allow them to, past emotions can influence the present. Almost everyone has done something they regret or wish they could do differently. This emotion  from the past is usually connected with self-judgment. Your brain replays memories and emotions over and over until they are resolved. Past memories and emotions can interfere in present relationships, impede forgiveness or prevent closure. If you are tired of the repeated patterns, and want to get away from self-judgment, you can reprogram your brain.

To reprogram your brain, ask it to disconnect your past memories from emotion. Whenever memories surface, ask your brain to focus on the present, rather than replaying the past. Ask The Loving Universe what your lesson is. Set an intention to learn the lesson and move into the present moment. In the present moment there are no regrets; there is no self-judgment.  Regrets and self-judgment come from re-experiencing emotions from the past. 

To reprogram your brain takes practice and determination. Your brain may resist breaking the old patterns of thinking until it gets the message. Ask your brain to help you make changes for the better. Tell your brain that from now on you want it to come from a loving space in all it does for you. Ask that you and your brain be enfolded in Divine Love. Feel the Love. You can reprogram your brain and improve your life.

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