Coping With Anxiety

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Coping With Anxiety

As a Reiki Master and Sedona Healer, I recommend energetic balancing using Reiki. Working to identify and release energetic blockages helps to cope with anxiety attacks because energetic blockages contribute to anxiety. When your energy is not in balance, you become more prone to being anxious. There are many factors that create anxiety and many ways to work with it. Getting energetic balancing helps, but relying entirely on a single method may not be the solution.

I suggest accepting (not embracing) anxiety attacks when they happen. Even though it may feel very unpleasant in the moment, the panic attack will go away. You may feel like you are going to die and the attack is lasting for an eternity, but it will pass. Being in fear of anxiety feeds the experience and creates struggle. Accepting what is happening at the moment and allowing it to pass, defuses it.  This takes lots of practice and patience. Fear is a very powerful emotion, but it can be tamed by accepting it, acknowledging it and diffusing it. There is hope for moving through anxiety and no longer having panic attacks,

There are tools to help with anxiety. They do not necessarily cure anxiety, but can help make life more bearable. I recommend learning a relaxing breathing technique and a mind, body, and spirit cleansing technique.  I teach both of these and developed them for stress reduction and to help with anxiety. Simple stress reduction techniques can be done in five minutes or less. and if you contact me I can email these simple techniques. There is also Rescue Remedy, available at most health food stores. A few drops under the tongue can do wonders to cut an anxiety attack short. A few drops can be added to your water bottle, helps keep you calm all day long, every time you drink. Rescue Remedy is not addictive, does not have harsh ingredients and if used properly can do no harm. In addition, there are aroma therapy oils that help with panic attacks. Go to a natural foods store and ask which oil. or oil combination, helps with anxiety. Applying a single drop of a soothing oil on each of your wrists, works for most people. In an urgent situation, hold the vial under your nostrils and inhale. Peaceful music helps with anxiety. There are several relaxation cd’s available. My favorites are by Ashana , Atlantis Angelis by Patrick Bernhardt and Holy Harmony by Jonathan Goldman.

Living with anxiety can be distressing, but there are tools to help, including energetic balancing or Reiki, acceptance, relaxed breathing, essential oils, and listening to relaxing music. Ultimately all my suggestions can help you move forward in your pursuit of peace of mind, body and spirit.

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