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Reduce Stress

During this stressful period in human history, finding ways to reduce stress becomes a priority. What can you do to reduce stress? Here are three simple techniques. Number one is: focus on your breathing. When you are stressed, your breathing becomes more rapid and shallow. Take a long, slow deep breath and exhale slowly. Number two is move. Walk around your immediate environment.  Swing your arms. Get your blood circulating and the stagnant energy moving. The final technique is not physical like the others. It involves shifting your emotional energies. Think about something peaceful and calming to distract your mind from the stress. Visualize yourself someplace where you felt at peace. Or think about something peaceful like a puppy, or a flowing mountain stream. If your stress is still strong, combine all three of these techniques.

One technique to reduce stress that works with your mind and your emotions on a spiritual level is to create a mantra. A mantra is a repeated word or phrase that shifts the energy of your mind and emotions. It can be as simple as a single word like PEACE repeated over and over, or a phrase like “I am at peace.” This can be combined with breathing. Creating a mantra is a personal task. Ask yourself what you are seeking in your life. Is it peace, calm, perfect health? Whatever comes forth will be your mantra for stress reduction. Make sure you state it in a positive form. For example: rather than “I am not sick.” say “I am in perfect health.” Allow spirit to guide you. The more you repeat your mantra, the more you are sending out that energy and creating a shift that will reduce stress.

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