Work With Your Inner Child

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Work With Your Inner Child

Work with your inner child to improve your life. Your inner child experiences the spontaneity and joy of life in the moment. All experiences feel fresh and new.  Most life experiences are happy. Some are painful. Whatever you experienced as a child, the pain and the joy, you carry in your memories and emotions into your adult life as your inner child.

Your inner child tends to come forth in moments of crisis, pain or confusion. Fear brings forth your inner child because children do not understand; they react. What every child needs is reassurance that everything is okay and he or she will be taken care of. When you feel lost and alone, unloved or afraid, your inner child will surface. It is that part of you that reacts to the world around you, reacting to pleasant new circumstances with awe and joy; reacting to the unknown with fear. Work with your inner child to get through your challenges and reconnect with the joy of life.

As a mature adult who has lived and learned, it is important for you to embrace your inner child and let that part of you know you will take care of it and love it. Reassure your inner child there is no need to be fearful and afraid. Encourage your inner child to come forth and enjoy life knowing there is no need for fear because the adult part of you will always provide protection and love. Work with your inner child to create more peace, happiness and joy in your life.

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