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You Can Overcome Fear

You can overcome fear. Fear of any type, from anxiety and panic attacks to worrying and fretting, is a sticking place in our consciousness. When you focus on your fear over and over again, it becomes a program that limits  your happiness and freedom. Fear can prevent you from doing what you’d like to, or need to do.

If you worry about something, you believe that you’re preparing for an inevitable outcome. You want to be prepared if the unwanted thing happens. A false sense of control comes from preparing for what you don’t want. Uncertainty comes from not knowing what is going to happen. Whenever you worry, you’re focusing on what you don’t want and that is what you tend to energetically attract.

 Here is an exercise to help overcome your fear. I do not know the author, or I would give that person credit.

Make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly. Begin by bringing to mind something about which you feel afraid or anxious—you may want to start with something small—in order to see exactly what it is that you fear is going to happen. Give yourself a moment to notice whether there is a strong feeling of fear at the moment or a very light hint of fear. It doesn’t matter which it is, simply observe and welcome it.

Ask yourself: Could you let go of wanting this to happen?

The question may be challenging because you feel you don’t want this actually to happen. Try asking the question again and notice what you discover. You may already be able to discern a difference. Focus on that same thing that you’re afraid of, or something else, and go through these questions for releasing.

What is it that you’re afraid will happen?
What is it you do not want to have happen?
Now, could you let go of wanting it to happen?

Once you’ve gotten over the shock that you somehow want a negative thing to happen, it’s easy to let go of the fear, because consciously it’s not truly what you want.

Focus again on something you fear. Notice exactly what it is you’re afraid will happen. For example: If you’re afraid of heights, underneath it there might really be a fear of falling.

Could you let go of wanting it to happen?

Focus again on something that you do not want to have happen, something that you worry about, or something that makes you nervous. A fear of public speaking. could include the fear of making a mistake or of seeming like a fool in front of a roomful of people.

Whatever underlying fear you feel: Could you let go of wanting it to happen?

Check how you feel inside.This will help clear the hidden recesses of your subconscious mind. After you release something that you’ve subconsciously wanted to happen, you’ll see a difference in your life in many areas, including how you feel. 

You can overcome gear by changing how you think and feel. It takes practice and conscious awareness.

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