How To Release The Past

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How To Release The Past

Learning to release the past is a process. Over time releasing the past becomes easier. Hanging on to your past experiences holds you back.  Move forward with ease. Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. Sometimes knowing the reason something occurred helps you move on with ease. Most of the time, you don’t need to know. You need to let go and release the past, so you can create your future. To release the past, you need to detach from the emotional hold it has over you.

If you feel stuck in the past, you can break away from your emotional attachment to past experiences. The first step to release the past is to identify the emotion, or emotions, you have attached to a past experience. Ask yourself what you are feeling. Is it sadness, fear or anger?  It could be a combination of emotions. Once you have identified the emotion, ask to be in the present moment in a loving space of peacefulness and harmony with that emotion. The shift may not be immediate, but by identifying and asking for a shift in the energy to the present moment, you have started to release the past. Allow for your process and trust when the time is right you will release the past.

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