How to Create Financial Abundance

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How To Create Financial Abundance

To create financial abundance you need to release yourself from three belief patterns of human consciousness that limit financial abundance.The first of these patterns is: Money is the end result. To release yourself from this pattern and create financial abundance in your life, set an intention to seek your dreams and goals. Recognize money is only a method to acquire these dreams and goals. It is not the end result. Visualize what you desire. See yourself already having what you desire. Ask The Loving Universe to work in harmony with you to create your goals and desires. The second pattern that gets in the way of your efforts to create financial abundance is:  Money is not spiritual. To release yourself from this limiting pattern and create financial abundance; see money as spiritual. It is a way to help achieve your life purpose without being concerned about meeting your basic needs.The third limiting pattern is: Money is something I cannot have. To create financial abundance, it is necessary for you to recognize and accept there is plenty for all.

Here is a method to help you create financial abundance. Go somewhere you can safely set a piece of paper on fire, like over a sink or toilet. Set a dollar bill on fire and know it is only a piece of paper, a symbol that is burning. Burn the bill until it turns to ashes. Say, “I release the following three energy patterns.1) Money is the end result  2) Money is not spiritual 3) Money is something I cannot have. I align totally and completely with the true principles of manifestation as an act of creation. I peacefully and completely release any energy that blocks my manifestation abilities. My intention is to use my manifestation to support the highest good of all.” Take a deep breath and move on in peace knowing you have started the process to create financial abundance in your life and allow for the process with an open heart and mind and no expectations.

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