How To Control Your Anger

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How To Control Your Anger

Figuring out how to control your anger can be challenging.  Emotions that feel bad are part of human experience. What you do with them is your choice. Controlling your anger takes concentrated practice. With intentional focus on changing your responses, things will improve and shift.

The first step in learning how to control your anger is to become aware of your reactive responses, before they gain power over you. Set an intention to be more consciously aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Emotional responses are immediate reactions, coming in the moment. In order to control your responses, you need to be aware of what is them.

Once you are aware of your reactive responses, take a step back and ask yourself where your response is coming from.  What from within you created this? Dig deep into your memory. If memory doesn’t come through, check if your anger comes from a belief system or it may be a programmed emotional response you don’t even understand.

No matter what you come up with, because you moved the energy from your subconscious to a space of more awareness, the nature of your anger has begun to shift. You don’t always need to understand. It’s more important to change.  Spiritually, overcoming anger is about growth. Set an intention to love your anger as a teacher to you. Anger delivers lessons in your life about yourself and how you relate to others.  Loving your anger seems to go against the very nature of this emotion. The bigger spiritual concept is that all is love and includes every emotion you feel. When you feel anger, bring it into your awareness. Remind yourself it is teaching you and helping you grow. Learning how to control your anger is about being thankful for the lesson and the growth anger brings into your life.

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