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Create Happiness

In Western culture, expectations about how to create happiness are predominantly connected to consumerism and commercialism. The message is : the more money you have, the happier you should be. We all know happiness is not something you can purchase. Happiness is an emotion, not a thing. All humans have the capacity to be happy. Babies naturally smile and giggle. Adults have been conditioned to equate happiness with financial security. A millionaire can be unhappy despite their financial security. A person living in poverty can be happy. Everyone wants to be happy, yet not everyone is.

Happiness is about attitude and gratitude. To create happiness for yourself,  you need to enjoy life and greet each new day as an opportunity to experience moments of happiness. Don’t expect them. Just embrace them when they come. Be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have. Appreciate the world around you, the experiences that don’t cost a thing, a sunset, a kiss, reading a good book, whatever brings a smile on your face. You are here to enjoy life. This doesn’t mean becoming an optimist, who doesn’t acknowledge your challenges. It means focusing on the small wonders and making a mental list of what you’re grateful for.

To create happiness in an unpredictable, constantly changing world is a challenge. Remind yourself that you are the one who creates your emotions. Happiness is an emotion you create for yourself. Other people may elicit a response from you, such as feeling happy, but you are the one creating your response. Set an intention to create happiness in small ways every day.

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