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Spiritual Guidance posted by Sedona Healer and Sedona Reiki Master Teacher, Cynthia Tierra of Healing From The Heart in Sedona Arizona

Raise Your Energy

How do you raise your energy? You, everything and everyone are made of vibrational energy. Spiritual energy feels uplifting and peaceful. More physical energy can feel dense and heavy. Energy is not confined to the physical world, although many humans have chosen not to recognize this. They choose only to recognize what comes from interacting with the physical world. They have decided to limit themselves to what they mind can comprehend and the body can experience through the senses. All energy is ultimately higher vibrational energy, because all energy is spiritual.  In Reiki we call all vibrational energy Universal Life Force Energy. Universal Life Force Energy is an unlimited animated force in perpetual motion. Emotions are energy. This is why it feels very different to be in a room of angry people than it feels to be in a room of people in prayer. The denser and heavier feeling the energy, the more uncomfortable it will be. Thoughts are energy. Create peaceful thoughts and you are raising the vibrational energy for yourself and others. Fearful thoughts feel heavy and burdensome. 

Raise your energy and your life will improve. Dense energies feel heavy and oppressive if you are unaware of the impact of surrounding energy. The energies of everyday third dimensional existence can pull you in and drag you down, if you are not open to spiritual experience. Higher vibrational energies feel uplifting and freeing. Being in nature is higher vibrational energy because it is unobstructed by the onslaught of more chaotic energies in more chaotic physical environments. Love, not romantic love, but the higher vibrational energy of spiritual love, is the true essence of spirit.

Once you are aware of vibrational energies, you can shift what is going on around you, and beyond you. You can raise your energy. Set your intention to create higher vibrational energies. Recognize that you are vibrational energy and inseparable from all energy. You are part of something far greater than yourself. You are a spiritual being in human form, and as such, an inseparable part of Universal Life Force Energy. The key is oneness instead of separation. Separation comes from the mind interpreting physical human experience. Oneness comes from your connection to spirit. If you create peaceful harmonious thoughts, you are creating peace and harmony. Set an intention that every choice you make will come from your connection to spirit, because you and spirit are interconnected.

Each day, remind yourself that you are vibrational energy, a spiritual being in human form. You are interconnected to all vibrational energy. You are higher vibration. You are one with all creation. You are Love. Raise your energy.

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