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Simple Ways to Heal in Nature

After being cooped up for so long, it’s time to heal in nature. To heal in nature takes no effort, only intention. You don’t need to drive out into the country. Just go outside. Hug a tree and feel its energy.  Really connect as if you and the tree are one and the same. Feel the energy moving through the tree as a flow going upward into the sky and downward into the earth.  Imagine your energy flowing in the same way, in one continuous flow between earth and sky. Send your problems up into the sky and down into the earth to be transmuted into their higher purpose, released and resolved.

If you can go outside the city environment to heal in nature, seek the water. Go to a creek, or lake or the ocean. Even if the water is cold, immerse your feet in it Connect with the energy. Remind yourself that your body is made of water. Set an intention to release all your troubles from the past into the water through your feet and move freely forward. Release and let go. Open to learn your lessons and move on empowered.

Another wondrous way to heal in nature is to lie on soft grass.  Look at the sky and watch the clouds roll by.  Send the challenges in your life to a cloud and watch them slowly move away, knowing that your lessons will be learned and the answers will come to you unencumbered. Your problems will not return unless you bring them beck. Feel the freedom.

Hug a tree.  Release into the water. Send your challenges to the clouds. You can heal in nature because you are part of nature. When broken down to the smallest particles or expanded infinitely, you are made of the same stuff as trees, water and clouds. Remind yourself that you are one with all creation.

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