Don’t Ask Why

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Don’t Ask Why

Don’t ask why life changes. One of the most common questions people ask when hardship or challenges happen in life is “why?” Why did this happen? Why now? Why me? Usually there is not a simple answer, just more questions. Our human desire to understand and explain prompts us to wonder why. There may be an emotional reaction or response involved, but asking “why” comes from your mind. Your mind wants to understand, so you ask why life changes. That is part of the job of the mind.

Maybe it’s time to stop asking “Why?” and ask instead “What is it I am being guided to learn from this?” Focus on the message The Loving Universe is trying to deliver to you, rather than seeking reasons for what happened. What happened is part of your past and cannot be changed. Knowing why does not change anything. Recognize the role your emotional side plays. Involve your Spirit in your quest for understanding. Come from a space of balance between, mind, emotions and Spirit. Consider what the deeper meaning is. Learn from your experiences, accept them as part of your past, and move on more empowered along your spiritual path.Don’t ask why life changes. Ask what you are being guided to learn.

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