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Create Spiritual Change

Spiritual change is the basis of life. Life is all about spiritual change, creating it, accepting it, and living it. This is because from a spiritual perspective, everything is in constant energetic flow. The energies are perpetually shifting. No matter how stable life seems, it is in delicate balance. One seemingly small energetic shift can grow into a huge shift, either slowly or rapidly. Part of experiencing life as a spiritual being in human form is learning how to adjust to, resist, or create change. Politically there are big changes right now. Socially there are big changes. And personally there are changes.

In your own life, you can work on a spiritual level to create change. You can also help create change politically and socially. When people join forces to create change and vote, or protest, political change occurs. Joining forces creates change in society. All change requires energetic shifts as the old ways give way to the new. This is the basis of spiritual change.

If your life is not going the way you want, you can work on a spiritual level to shift the energies. Set an intention to create change for your greater good and the greater good of others. Open up to new possibilities and ideas. If things are not going the way you want politically, you can work on a spiritual level to create change. Set an intention to joining with the energies of others who are seeking positive change. Send Divine Love to those who are resisting, to those who you are not in agreement with. To create social change, send Divine Love to shift the energies. Like energies join and expand. Spiritual change is the very nature of, and reason for life.

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