Why Is There Family Conflict?

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Create Better Relationships With Your Family

For many of us, the most difficult relationships are with family members. Why is there family conflict? From a spiritual perspective, each of us chooses the family we were born into. For some people this concept is very hard to swallow. If you look at life from a strictly third dimensional way, biology determined who your parents were. When the egg met the sperm, your life began. Spiritually speaking, you chose to be born on this planet on the day and time of your physical birth, to learn or complete lessons. These lessons help you grow spiritually, moving towards ascension into other dimensions and oneness with The Loving Universe.

The family you chose serve as your teachers. If you were born into a family where your father was an abusive alcoholic, you may need to deal with and release abusive energy from other experiences (or past lives as some people choose to call them) Bear with me because this topic just scratches the surface of the nature of time, other experiences and Karma. Your parents teach you their views on life. As a child living in a nuclear family, the views of your parents shape and form you until you grow up and examine your upbringing. Examining your upbringing allows you to choose and create your own set of values. You have the freedom to adopt those familial values that work for you and reject those that do not.

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